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Bayo Juice Company is a small batch cold pressed juicery in Vancouver B.C. that offers fresh raw juices and vegan milks. The journey started in a small kitchen, with nothing but love and passion for health and wellness. Here at Bayo, we are fuelled by the non-stop hustle, positive vibrations and of course, delicious juice.


We stepped into the game making a commitment to serve you juice that will make you feel happy, healthy, revived, and recharged. Bayo Juice Co. represents more than just fresh juice, we stand for nourishing our community inside and out, mind, body and soul. “Bayo” means “joy is found” and “alive”, and we do everything in our power to live up to this name!

Hangover Helper
Flower Power
Burn Baby Burn
Happy Hempday
The OG Immunity
Hangover helper
Burn Baby Burn
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The O.G. Immunity

Orange Apple Carrot 
Turmeric Ginger Lemon

The O.G. Immunity has a unique blend of fresh fruits and veggies which have many healthy benefits to keep your immune system strong! Carrot  and orange juice are nutritious powerhouses and replenishes the body with vitamins A, C, D, E and K! The apple promotes cardiovascular health and is an immune system booster! The lemon, ginger, and turmeric have anti inflammatory benefits, loads of antioxidants, and can even reduce muscle soreness! This triplet of ingredients are also efficient for detoxifying your liver, in case you had a bit too much fun this weekend... But most importantly, this juice tastes freaking delicious, and is a staple in the Bayo kitchen!

Hangover Helper

Apple Lemon Ginger
Mint Cucumber Beet

The name says it all! The Hangover Helper will save you after a long night of partying! The cucumber will ensure optimal hydration and flush out toxins, and the lemon's antibacterial properties will help keep your immune system strong! Oh, and those nasty headaches? ...the beet juice can help with that by opening up blood vessels in your head and by lowering your blood pressure! Whether you plan to mix this delicious beverage with your favourite spirits, drink it the day after, or include it in your daily routine, the Hangover Helper is a delicious remedy for any and every day of the week.

Burn Baby Burn

Spinach Cucumber Cayenne

Grapefruit Apple Mint Lime

Fresh juice is a great way to stay lean, and Burn Baby Burn is complete with ingredients that promote healthy weight maintenance. Grapefruit is packed with Vitamin C, and can actually lower the insulin levels in your body, preventing it from storing excess sugar as fat! The low levels of insulin can also curb your metabolism, so we recommend drinking this juice before meals! And, a hit of cayenne never hurts does it? It can speed up your metabolism and help burn more calories! Spinach however, is the magical ingredient in this drink, and is packed with nutrients and vitamins like potassium, magnesium, carotene, manganese, and folic acid. It can also help prevent and relieve symptoms of anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and cancer!  Whether you are drinking this alongside a healthy diet, or using it to cleanse and detoxify, this juice is for you!

Flower Power

Pineapple Orange Lemon

Turmeric Coconut Water

Flower Power was carefully crafted for him and her with the goal of improving sexy energy in your life! Have you ever wondered if the locker room myth about pineapple juice is true? Well, research finds that it actually is, and citrus can also have a similar effect on our bodies! That’s why we combined fresh ingredients like pineapple and orange to create a unique juice for you and your partner, to sweeten things up! Juicy right? There’s more, coconut water contains the same amount of electrolytes as our blood, and because of this, it improves blood flow, and thus is found to increase sexual interest and libido. It also has an abundance of nutritional benefits; it is a good source of nutrients and antioxidants, it improves heart health, reduces blood pressure, prevents fatigue by providing electrolytes, prevents kidney stones and fights against diabetes by helping manage blood sugar. Last but not least, turmeric is a powerful medicinal source of antioxidants and reduces harmful inflammation in our body.  Go ahead and see for yourself, this love potion is the whole package!


Hemp Hearts Dark Chocolate

Earl Grey Coconut Maple Vanilla 

Happy Hempday is Bayo's version of chocolate milk, and is packed with nutrients! Happy Hempday starts you off with a healthy dose of essential fats and a perfect ratio of omega 3 & 6's. Hemp milk is a superfood that has an amazing source of protein, strengthens the immune system, promotes heart health, has anti-inflammatory agents and improves circulation, and can even make us smarter by increasing our mental capacity. The pure maple syrup gives that sweetness that we all love, while also providing us with trace minerals for the body. Vanilla and dark chocolate protects the body with antioxidants and adds a mouthwatering zest! Coconut improves heart, stimulates fat loss, improves digestion and helps manage blood sugar. Whether you are pouring it on your cereal or substituting your morning coffee, Happy Hempday is a well rounded vegan substitute that will help you get over the hump!


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